Our Equipment

Wedding/Coropate Set Up
Adult Party Set Up
Children Party Set Up

We have a few different set up for different events, All of the equipment we own is there to use for any event,

If you wanted something different from the list below, please contact us.


Wedding Set up

Our wedding Package comes with everything but again can be customised to suit the client,

White LED Booth, 2 x 2000w white subs and array speakers. 75W black moving heads, 35w White moving heads, Spiral Balls, light up podiums, Uplighters around the room and all lighting is controlled via laptop.


Adult Party Set Up


Black or White DJ Booth, 2 1100w professional Alto speakers. 75W black moving heads or Spiral balls, Uplighters and colour changing  around the room or within the speaker stands. All controlled via laptop

Children Party Set Up


Black or White Booth, 2 1100w professional Alto speakers, Colour Lights on a Stand and colour lights on the booth.

If you have any questions regarding our equipment, please feel free to contact us.

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