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Online Planning Portal

Planning a wedding can be mind blowing and we would like to think we can make the entertainment part of it, a little easier.

Our commitment to creating an unparalleled experience led us to introduce an online planning portal, seamlessly woven into our wedding packages.  
Imagine a space where every detail of your dream day is meticulously organized, effortlessly accessible, and entirely tailored to your vision.

This is the essence of our online planning portal—a digital haven designed to infuse joy back into the planning process.

As you enter your personalized portal, you're greeted by a live countdown, a digital heartbeat echoing the excitement building towards your celebration.

No longer buried in paperwork, essential documents are elegantly stored in a secure online space, granting you the freedom to focus on the magic, not the minutiae.

Navigate effortlessly through your payments and make online payments via our payment feature. View, track, and make secure payments at your convenience, ensuring your budget remains a guiding light throughout the planning journey.

The heart of your celebration lies in the music, and our portal empowers you to curate the playlist of your love story. Dive into an extensive library of songs, from timeless classics to your all time favourites, including that unforgettable first dance that will linger in your hearts forever.

Stress dissipates as you set preferences with the "Do Not Play" feature, ensuring the playlist mirrors your tastes and resonates authentically with your party. But the magic doesn't end with you—invite your loved ones to contribute to the harmonious symphony. A guest login feature allows them to add their cherished songs, turning your wedding into a collective room to vibes.

Bid farewell to the era of scattered emails and paperwork chaos. Our online planning portal consolidates everything, offering a centralized, organized, and accessible space to orchestrate your dream day whenever and wherever inspiration strikes.

Are you ready to embark on this amazing journey? Dive into your portal, and let the wedding magic unfold!

Log in and begin crafting your dream celebration

Fill out forms effortlessly and focus on the moments that matter

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Set the soundtrack of your love story. Add your music, craft your moments

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