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DJ & Sax Package

Introducing the dynamic duo that brings a unique and unforgettable touch to your special day - With our DJ & Sax Player. This extraordinary pairing combines the talents of a skilled DJ and a captivating saxophonist, creating a harmonious blend of music that's sure to elevate your wedding reception.

Together, our DJ & Sax Player duo creates a seamless experience, moving seamlessly from DJ beats to live saxophone performances. Whether it's during the ceremony, drinks reception, wedding breakfast or the evening party, they're versatile enough to set the mood for each part of your celebration.


When the sax player steps in, the atmosphere takes on a whole new dimension. The soulful and melodic sound of the saxophone adds an amazing feel to the dance floor.

What truly sets  our DJ & Sax apart is their ability to read the crowd and adapt on the spot. They can seamlessly mix from tune to tune, ensuring that your guests remain engaged and entertained throughout the evening.

Kiri , Liz and Christian, AJ's three sax players who redefine the boundaries of musical magic. Their seamless synergy is a symphony of pure enchantment, leaving audiences spellbound with every note they play. As their saxophones intertwine in a beats, they create a harmonious fusion that transcends the ordinary. Witnessing their performance is like stepping into a realm of pure bliss. Kiri, Liz and Christian, crafts an unbelievable experience.

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